woensdag 5 december 2012

Weer nieuwe ervaring rijker!!

Ik heb vandaag de eerste ervaring gehad met de 3S80 sport knie. Deze knie is bedoeld om recreatief te lopen. Bij deze knie behoort een Carbon voet. Ik heb met deze combinatie het eerste jogging momentje weer gehad. En dit weer na ruim twaalf jaar!!
Ik merkte dat deze combinatie ook uitstekende kwaliteiten had m.b.t. het badminton. Het enige was dat de knie gedurende het badminton geblokkeerd was. Uiteraard is het nog geen goede combinatie om de knie in zijn vrije stand te hebben. Ook hier wordt door de specialisten van Otto Bock aan gewerkt. Als een raket vloog ik over het veld. Ik vroeg of ik deze combinatie de komende dagen op proef mocht hebben. Zij, de Otto Bock specialisten, waren ook verbaasd omtrent de mogelijheden van deze beweegelijke sport in combinatie met de knie en carbon voet e.d. Zij stemden toe en spraken af dat ik de komende dagen deze combinatie intensief mocht proberen.
Hieronder de technische gegevens van de combiantie:

New sports prosthesis launched for recreational athletes

Ottobock launches leg prosthesis with first sport knee joint and newly developed sport foot adapter dedicated to amateur athletes looking to enjoy active lifestyles

Ottobock Healthcare, the Official Prosthetic, Orthotic and Wheelchair Technical Service Provider for the 2012 Paralympic Games, has today launched a running prosthesis that has been specifically developed for recreational athletes. The sport prosthesis uses the latest technology in rotation hydraulics to provide momentum and stability across a wide range of terrains. From the treadmill to forest trails, the prosthesis allows above-knee amputees to enjoy running and lead healthy, more active lifestyles.
The new sport prosthesis is compact, light and sturdy and is suitable for a body weight of up to 100kg. Optimised for running sports, it comprises the new 3S80 Sport knee joint, 1E90 Sprinter Carbon Foot and the newly developed 4R204 Sport Foot Adapter.
3S80 Sports Knee JointThe 3S80 knee joint is designed to withstand the high pressure imposed whilst running. Rotation hydraulics have been optimised for running sports; the joint dampens the extension and flexion movements in the swing phase in such a way that a dynamic movement pattern is enabled even at higher stride rates while running. The manually operated lock on the new knee joint facilitates a secure stance that can be of use during warm-ups and stretching.
1E90 Sprinter Carbon FootThe durable 1E90 Sprinter carbon spring foot offers a particularly high energy return, making it ideal for running. Various stiffness versions of the spring are available to suit every body weight and running experience. Two soles are available; the universal sole with an all-terrain tread is suitable for running on a variety of surfaces such as forest trails, while the spike sole can be used for fast sprints, especially on an all-weather running track.
4R204 Sport Foot AdapterThe newly developed sport foot adapter joins the knee joint to the foot. A fitting guide is included with delivery of the sport prosthesis, allowing the prosthetist to accurately align and adjust the sport prosthesis for the individual. Running exercises and a user step-by-step guide are also provided for prosthetists.
“The sport prosthesis is suitable for many different types of terrain and is ideal for use on the treadmill, in the fitness studio or jogging through forest trails,” said Philip Yates, Managing Director at Ottobock UK. “We’re expecting a rise in people looking to try new sports following the Paralympics and this new sport prosthesis is a great solution for above-knee amputees living active lifestyles, but it can also be used for other sports that involve running, such as the long jump, high jump and javelin.”
Verder een link naar een Youtube filmpje van deze combinatie die ik ga proberen op het badminton veld:
Link naar het foto album:

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